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Failure to pay your Excise Tax or Parking Tickets may result in your LICENSE and/or REGISTRATION being flagged/marked as NON-RENEW at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  Moreover, the Mass RMV works with other states to prevent you from completing registration and licensing functions in those states as well.  To prevent further interest and fees, you must pay all outstanding items to the municipalities you owe.  Once that is complete, you will be issued a CLEAR of your FLAG status (normally done electronically by PKS Associates) and you are then free to continue your actions at the RMV.

This NON-RENEW process is strictly governed by the DOR.  You may read more details by CLICKING HERE.


A "Warrant To Collect" is not an arrest warrant.

If you received a YELLOW "WARRANT" in the mail, this is the city/town's 3rd attempt to collect your outstanding excise tax.  The fees and interest on the bill are STATE MANDATED and may not be reduced or abated by the Deputy Collector.  If you feel you are due an abatement, it is in your best interest to pay the bill as-is and then apply for an abatement and if you qualify you would then be refunded any fees and/or interest as dictated by your city/town.

If you received a GREEN "FINAL WARRANT", this is the last notice you will receive before your LICENSE and/or REGISTRATION will be FLAGGED/MARKED "NON-RENEW" at the RMV.  This flag/mark will result in another fee and you will not be able to complete new/renew functions at the RMV.